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Q&A with FSCO is a series that spotlights team members across all of our brands and highlights our culture at F. Schumacher & Co.

Nora Truskey, Senior Manager of Product Development

“I oversee the pre-production process (which involves artwork scans, separations, and color trials), in addition to ground sourcing and product development specific to digital wallcovering.”

Time with FSCO: 3 years

ML: How have you been an entrepreneur in your role?

NT: This job has taught me to always look for new opportunities whether it’s substrates we offer, designs we bring in, or new product categories we can grow into.

ML: At FSCO, we’re all about teamwork. Which colleague would you like to shout out and why?

NT: Pablo Nazario! He’s the best cheerleader and I really valued the energy and attitude he brought to BNY in the early days.

ML: Is there anything exciting that you’ve worked on that you’d like to share?

NT: This might sound minor, but I worked on the separations for “Big Tropical Panel”. I had been working in AVA for about a year, but it was the first time where everything ‘clicked’, and I felt like I had turned a corner using that program. It was so satisfying printing it out after all that work!

ML: You have plenty of experience in the logistics of design. Technologically, where do you see the future for FSCO and the design industry as a whole?

NT: There’s a whole world of CAD software and machinery that we haven’t even touched, and I think there’s a huge opportunity for three dimensional products we can create using those tools.

ML: Are there any up-and-coming design trends that you think we'll see more in the next year or so?

NT: There’s definitely been a resurgence in functional art objects and bold color usage. Designers are experimenting more with playful accents, like a hand-painted wall trim, or coordination with a monochrome room. Sight Unseen has a recent post highlighting Rejo Design Studio, which I think is a perfect example.

ML: And finally, where do you like to find design inspiration?

NT: Recently I’ve been looking at ceramics for pattern inspiration (both old and new), and I’m a sucker for museum archives. I studied illustration so I love looking through old children’s books, and whenever The Morgan Library has originals on display, I’m there!

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