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Q&A with FSCO is a series that spotlights team members across all of our brands and highlights our culture at F. Schumacher & Co.

Ester Greene, Order Fulfillment Lead

"As Operation Lead Receiving Clerk, I am responsible for receiving stock into the system when it arrives from the vendors. Day to day, I assist with cutting, packing, operation clerical work, cycle count & open order reports when needed."

Time with FSCO: 28 years!

Michaela Lynch: What does your home mean to you?

Ester Greene: Home is a place where I can pour a glass of wine and unwind.

ML: How do you think your work supports the design community?

EG: At The Hub, we receive goods in a timely matter to ultimately better service our designers and customers.

ML: What is your favorite part about working at F. Schumacher & Co.?

EG: My favorite part is watching the company and the people I have had the opportunity to work with over the years grow and thrive.

ML: What change have you seen at The Hub that you think is the most helpful?

EG: The new space to accommodate the growth of the company has been truly


ML: What is something you think the rest of the organization should know about The


EG: Everyone at The Hub always puts their best foot forward to service the customers to the best of their ability.

ML: If you had the opportunity to take on another role at FSCO for one day, what would

it be and why?

EG: If I had the chance, I would love to travel within the company to help connect the day-to-day operations of The Hub with the company as a whole.

ML: What is something exciting that you’ve worked on that you want to share?

EG: When COVID hit The Hub, everything shut down except Operations. I am proud to have been a part of the limited staff that met the demand and challenges we faced to service the customers. It was then that I truly learned that there is no “I” in “Team”.

ML: What Schumacher pattern, PF design, or Backdrop color is your favorite?

EG: My favorite pattern is Margaux in the color Peacock Shimmer!

ML: Are there any colleagues you would like to shout out? If so, why?

EG: I would like to shout out: Pat Hawkins for always going above and beyond to assist in any way she can, Tammy Mullinax for her constant support and motivation throughout the years, and Victoria Ingram for being a source of trust and inspiration.

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